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Creekside Farms | Artisan Wreaths

Creekside Farms | Artisan Wreaths

Creekside Farms, a family owned and operated California company who hand make all their stunning wreaths. The fact that a family owns and operates the company felt much like MY HAND IN YOURS. I immediately became a partner and created a very "California" wreath with accents of dried citrus and gorgeous eucalyptus. Fragrant and beautiful and handmade by artisans at the top of their craft. Each wreath will come with a handmade Moye Thompson MHIY ceramic ornament that can be hung on a tree or on the wreath.

We are proud to partner with them as we raise money for Children's Hospital Los Angeles and their life-saving work.


Findlay Hat Team Photo 2020 - custom hats made in Portland Oregon

Findlay Hats | Hatmaker

With a gentle assist from Chuck’s Lab we were introduced to Jimmy Hickey and his Findlay Hats Company. He understood immediately what we were going for and has jumped in and created a spectacular hat with a secret MHIY pocket as well as his patented "Stampede Lace" and custom MHIY laser-cut wood clip.

Best of all, they are made by hand, by people who LOVE what they do and in the case of My Hand In Yours, who they do it all for... the children at CHLA.

Welcome to the MHIY family Jimmy And please thank every member of your team for helping us, help others!!


Profile photo of Moye Thompson Ceramics and her puppy – unique gift ideas and uncommon goods for Christmas 2020

Moye Thompson | Ceramist

I have been collecting ceramics made by Moye Thompson for a very long time. She is another lady of the canyon and her beautiful work is a gift that I often give. She puts her intention of heart, and mind, and thought into each piece, so I am thrilled she agreed to create this object of comfort to support Children's Hospital Los Angeles through My Hand In Yours, LLC.
Anne Ricketts Sculpture profile photo – charitable gift ideas for the holiday and gifts for birthdays and loved ones

Anne Ricketts | Sculptor

I have known Anne Ricketts for 10 years. We were mothers in a canyon where we both lived. We share a lot of similar ideas and hopes and experiences and she is my friend. I’ve also been drawn to her work since I first saw it. It grounds me and gives me strength. I’m thrilled that she agreed to create something exclusively for me for my website. ~ JLC

Cathy Waterman's beautiful jewelry is offered for purchase as a gift idea for the holiday or a special occasion through My Hand In Yours.

Cathy Waterman | Jewelry Designer

Cathy Waterman is who I always imagined Joni Mitchell was writing about in "Ladies Of The Canyon." She creates beautiful connected pieces through her deep love of nature and family. She is a magic person, and I’m so honored that she created an object of comfort I can touch daily to remind myself that love is a healing force in the world. ~ JLC
Erica Chan Photography - Product Photos for My Hand In Yours charitable gift ideas for friends and family

Erica Chan | Visual Artist + Photographer

As an amateur photographer, I have always believed in the power of photographs. I am so pleased that Erica has joined our team and brought her beautiful images of comfort and connection to the MY HAND IN YOURS™ collection. ~ JLC
Finding Will Candle Co. | Artist & Chandler

Finding Will Candle Co. | Artist & Chandler

My childhood friend, Terry and her family lost their son, Will, to cancer at 17. In his honor, and to continue to support his artistry and ideas, they have created the WILL COMFORT candle. His dreams and ideas will burn bright with this offering, and 100% of the sales going to CHLA helps others continue their fight. I am deeply honored that she created this exclusively for MY HAND IN YOURS, old friends, holding hands, trying to create change. ~ JLC
Charlie Ryan artist profile photo for My Hand In Yours™ – Charlie designed the MHIY™ Comfort Pillow as a gift idea that can be given during Christmas 2020

Charlie Ryan | Fashion Designer

When I asked my VERY young friend Charlie Ryan to join the MHIY team he created this super soft pillow to give to someone to rest their head on or to just hold close. There is also his signature pocket which you can put a secret message of support in — A tactile treasure. ~ JLC
Profile photo of Simon Pearce who created a glass-blown intention stone exclusively for My Hand In Yours - the Intention Stone makes a perfect holiday or Christmas gift

Simon Pearce | Glassblower + Potter

I have been collecting Simon Pearce glass for decades. I was so saddened when their son Kevin suffered his traumatic brain injury while on a snowboard training run preparing for the Olympics and I followed the story of the bond between the brothers and the whole family and the perseverance and resilience and beautiful support as it continues. I love that they have created these intention stones in support of Kevin and Adam Pearce’s LOVE YOUR BRAIN FOUNDATION and I am honored to partner with Simon Pearce to offer a MY HAND IN YOURS™ intention stone exclusively on this website. ~ JLC
Profile photo of Mark Nepo – poet, author, and spiritual advisor – each MHIY gift comes with an inspirational card with a comforting quote provided by Mark Nepo

Mark Nepo | Poet, Author + Spiritual Advisor With over a million copies sold, Mark Nepo has moved and inspired readers and seek...
Celeste Sloman Profile Photo – donating photography to the My Hand In Yours for use on its charitable gift giving website.

Celeste Sloman | Photographer Celeste Sloman is an American photographer and director born and raised in New...
Photograph of the photography duo, The Rhoads, who kindly donated their photography to support the charity gift giving efforts behind My Hand In Yours.

The Rhoads | Photographers Chris & Sarah Rhoads are the husband and wife team behind We Are The Rhoa...