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Bilston Creek Farm | Lavender Farm
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Bilston Creek Farm | Lavender Farm 

Often, connections are made through like minded people connecting others. That is what happened with our guide and website guru, Oliver Marler, when he introduced us to Bilston Creek Farm and they immediately responded to the vision behind MY HAND IN YOURS.

They have partnered with us as a maker and we are excited to offer their exquisite LAVENDER items, branded with MHIY and exclusively made for our store. These gifts are EVERGREEN. They're a perfect way to launch our 'Mother's Day Bundle' but will be available all year for all areas of gift giving and celebrating. Welcome to the MHIY family Andrew Penn, Melanie Penn & Ben Drury!


A Lavender Farm Between Forest & Sea

It all began with an idea: to bring new life to an old farm.

In 1851 Bilston Creek Farm made its mark on history as the first settlement outside of Victoria, BC, several years before Canada would be founded, and treasures of that time still remain, from heritage apple trees, to beautiful old barn board, to rusted tools found buried in the earth.

When its current owners discovered the farm, it had been left neglected for decades, but they could see the beauty beneath the brambles right away. Those years of wild growth left behind perfect soil for growing lavender, which became the inspiration for the flagship crop.

Today, their vision is to build a farm that will remain for centuries to come, where anyone can come to experience the magic of farming.

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