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My Hand In Yours Lavender Rose hip team created by Bilston Creek Farm and pictured on a wood table

Lavender Rose Hip Tea

by Bilston Creek Farm

My Hand In Yours' silver pendant made by Cathy Waterman being worn on a silver chain

Silver Pendant and Chain

by Cathy Waterman

The My Hand In Yours ceramic spirit orb by Moye Thompson an a bed of polished stones

MHIY™ Spirit Orb

by Moye Thompson

Creekside Farms — Artisan Wreaths

Creekside Farms, a family owned and operated California company who hand make all their stunning wreaths. The fact that a family owns and operates the company felt much like MY HAND IN YOURS. I immediately became a partner and created a very "California" wreath with accents of dried citrus and gorgeous eucalyptus. Fragrant and beautiful and handmade by artisans at the top of their craft. Each wreath will come with a handmade Moye Thompson MHIY ceramic ornament that can be hung on a tree or on the wreath.

Moye Thompson — Ceramist & MHIY Featured Maker

I have been collecting ceramics made by Moye Thompson for a very long time. She is another lady of the canyon and her beautiful work is a gift that I often give. She puts her intention of heart, and mind, and thought into each piece, so I am thrilled she agreed to create this object of comfort to support Children's Hospital Los Angeles through My Hand In Yours.

Cathy Waterman featured artist photograph for my hand in yours

Cathy Waterman — Jeweller

"Cathy is who I always imagined Joni Mitchell was writing about in 'Ladies of The Canyon.' She creates beautiful connected pieces through her deep love of nature and family. She is a magic person, and I’m so honored that she created an object of comfort I can touch daily to remind myself that love is a healing force in the world." – JLC

Findlay Hats team photo for My Hand In Yours Los Angeles

Findlay Hats — Milliner

With a gentle assist from Chuck’s Lab, we were introduced to Jimmy Hickey and his Findlay Hats Company. He understood immediately what we were going for and has jumped in and created a spectacular hat with a secret MHIY pocket as well as his patented "Stampede Lace" and custom MHIY laser-cut wood clip. Best of all, they are made by hand, by people who LOVE what they do in support of Children's Hospital Los Angeles!

Bilston Creek Farm — Lavender Farm

The talented team at Bilston Creek Farm create beautiful experiences and craft natural products for face, body, kitchen and home. Their entire collection is made at their farm on Vancouver Island, Canada, using hand-harvested lavender, apples, honey, locally foraged botanicals, and other thoughtfully sourced ingredients.