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"Always" Sculpture

The last of the triptych of the original TOGETHER and COMFORT hand sculptures ALWAYS is available for pre-order.

This new, ALWAYS sculpture, represents the greatest love possible. The truest intention of my hand in yours. Between a parent and a child, a grandparent and a child, a relative and a child, and any adult and a child. That indescribable bond. That unconditional LOVE. 

This is the BEST holiday gift for anyone and makes a SPECTACULAR new BABY present for a young family. 

This entire venture would not exist were it not for Anne Ricketts and her passion, talent, commitment, and generosity. Anne was the original contact to see if we could create something beautiful to sell in support of Children's Hospital Los Angeles. Little did either of us know that it would be the spark to grow a much larger company with a much broader financial reach. Her sculptures are built with her own hands and heart and are available exclusively here at @my_hand_in_yours.


As a special thank you for your purchase, you will also receive a keepsake card with an inspirational quote from my mentor, Mark Nepo, as written his best-selling book: “The Book of Awakening”.

When you purchase any MY HAND IN YOURS™ object of comfort, 100% of the sale is donated to Children's Hospital Los Angeles to care for children in need.