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Atticus | Poet
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Atticus | Poet

I started following Atticus on Instagram and was so moved by the profound simplicity of his words. Through my friend, Oliver, we were introduced and Atticus wrote a poem exclusively for us and our mission.

It brings me to tears to see the power of one human being translating the feelings of millions and all of it, to raise money for children who are fighting to stay alive. Thank you Atticus.

Thank you.


About Atticus

Walking the streets of Paris, I saw something beautiful and wrote it down. I posted it online under the name, Atticus. Why? Just because I liked the name. 

I kept the mask on. And I asked my fans who knew to help keep me hidden. They got it. They saw it for what it was, a guy who wanted to create things, but also, not be famous. 

I realized that's what Atticus is, it's not me at all, it's all of you. And because I have no fave, we put the fave we need on the words, and Atticus becomes whoever we need. Because it's not about who Atticus is. It's about who you are. 

A woman once stood up at the end of one of my shows. I was wearing my mask. She said: "In a world obsessed with fame, I think it's beautiful you're here - sending love from the Shadows."

xx Atticus

Atticus is the anonymous New York Times Bestselling author of Love Her Wild, The Dark Between Stars, and The Truth About Magic. 

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