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Due to high demand for the signed Laurie Strode Photo Print, and the fact that Jamie is personally autographing each one, please allow some additional time for us to prepare and ship your order.

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Cathy Waterman | Jewelry Designer
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Cathy Waterman | Jewelry Designer

A native Californian and mother of three with a previous career in movie production, Cathy Waterman designs and makes jewelry in her Los Angeles studio.

Cathy has had a passion for precious stones and jewelry for over twenty years. Her meticulously crafted, intricate pieces draw inspiration from nature and fairy tales. Her rings have natural and romantic motifs like branches and oak leaves. Each season Cathy also creates fantastical new earrings and necklaces.

"Our connection and the feeling in the Studio sets a tone that defines CW and that has always been important to me; it's positive and it's energizing...It is important to me that those of you who wear my jewelry feel this energy, this connection, and the love that goes into each piece." – C.W.

Cathy works primarily with the warm tone of 22-carat gold. She enhances the gold with platinum, diamonds, and other precious materials chosen for their singularity and originality. 

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