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My Hand In Yours™
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Erica Chan | Visual Artist + Photographer
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Erica Chan | Visual Artist + Photographer

Erica is a creative artist, photographer, passionate storyteller, and mother of two wild children. The most important thing to know about Erica is that she is in love with this moment...right now. She revels in the present, playing and connecting with it, to capture something honest and meaningful. Her story-telling aims to evoke nostalgia and joy at the same time.  She believes in the importance of living each and every moment with passion and intention, and her photographs are an allusion of those values.

Erica attended Brooks Institute of Photography and learned the art and science of photography from some incredible teachers and mentors. Having trained on film, and consistently using a 4x5 camera, Polaroid film was regularly used to test her photo shoots, and Erica fell in love with the look and the feel of the film. She was drawn to its ability to connect with a moment in time, as a way to instantly create photography, in its truest, analog form. From that love affair, a passion project was born and, over the past 2 decades, Erica has amassed a vibrant and unique analog collection of thousands of polaroids of the curiosities, faces, idiosyncrasies, and artful moments of a past and present life.

It is such an honor to be involved in this beautiful endeavour of comfort and connection. My Hand In Yours is a powerful movement, helping bring people together through the act of giving in a time where we all cherish the little reminders that we are, indeed, one big connected global community. ~ Erica

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