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Chiarastella Cattana | Fabric Designer

Chiarastella Cattana | Fabric Designer I'm thrilled to announce our first 2022 MY HAND IN YOURS partnership and product! Introducing the MY HAND IN YOURS "HAND" towel for your guests from Chiarastella Cattana. She is a fabric designer based in Venice, Italy. When I was there receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Venice Film Festival this last year, I was gifted these hand towels from a dear friend. I immediately called Chiarastella and told her about my company and mission and she wholeheartedly and enthusiastically agreed to partner with me and allow me to offer these exquisite and elegant guest towels on our...

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Findlay Hat Team Photo 2020 - custom hats made in Portland Oregon

Findlay Hats | Hatmaker

With a gentle assist from Chuck’s Lab we were introduced to Jimmy Hickey and his Findlay Hats Company. He understood immediately what we were going for and has jumped in and created a spectacular hat with a secret MHIY pocket as well as his patented "Stampede Lace" and custom MHIY laser-cut wood clip. Best of all, they are made by hand, by people who LOVE what they do and in the case of My Hand In Yours, who they do it all for... the children at CHLA. Welcome to the MHIY family Jimmy And please thank every member of your...

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Erica Chan Photography - Product Photos for My Hand In Yours charitable gift ideas for friends and family

Erica Chan | Visual Artist + Photographer

As an amateur photographer, I have always believed in the power of photographs. I am so pleased that Erica has joined our team and brought her beautiful images of comfort and connection to the MY HAND IN YOURS™ collection. ~ JLC

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