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Creekside Farms | Artisan Wreaths
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Creekside Farms | Artisan Wreaths 

Creekside Farms, a family owned and operated California company who hand make all their stunning wreaths. The fact that a family owns and operates the company felt much like MY HAND IN YOURS. I immediately became a partner and created a very "California" wreath with accents of dried citrus and gorgeous eucalyptus. Fragrant and beautiful and handmade by artisans at the top of their craft. Each wreath will come with a handmade Moye Thompson MHIY ceramic ornament that can be hung on a tree or on the wreath.

We are proud to partner with them as we raise money for Children's Hospital Los Angeles and their life-saving work.


About Us

Artisan Made Wreaths from Our Farm to Your Home

Our three-generation family owned and operated farm is located in California’s Monterey County. Its climate is perfect for growing lavender, herbs, and flowers, all grown pesticide-free and harvested by hand.

We use our California greenery, such as olive and eucalyptus, to create our distinctive designs. All of our products are handmade, assembled, and packed on our family farm by skilled craftsman and shipped throughout the United States.

We have a variety of designs to offer for any occasion and every season. Each individual piece is unique and made especially for you. Our wreaths make the perfect addition to any home or office, as well as a business or personal gift.

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