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Profile photo of Moye Thompson Ceramics and her puppy – unique gift ideas and uncommon goods for Christmas 2020

Moye Thompson | Ceramist

I have been collecting ceramics made by Moye Thompson for a very long time. She is another lady of the canyon and her beautiful work is a gift that I often give. She puts her intention of heart, and mind, and thought into each piece, so I am thrilled she agreed to create this object of comfort to support Children's Hospital Los Angeles through My Hand In Yours, LLC.

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Anne Ricketts Sculpture profile photo – charitable gift ideas for the holiday and gifts for birthdays and loved ones

Anne Ricketts | Sculptor

I have known Anne Ricketts for 10 years. We were mothers in a canyon where we both lived. We share a lot of similar ideas and hopes and experiences and she is my friend. I’ve also been drawn to her work since I first saw it. It grounds me and gives me strength. I’m thrilled that she agreed to create something exclusively for me for my website. ~ JLC

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Cathy Waterman's beautiful jewelry is offered for purchase as a gift idea for the holiday or a special occasion through My Hand In Yours.

Cathy Waterman | Jewelry Designer

Cathy Waterman is who I always imagined Joni Mitchell was writing about in "Ladies Of The Canyon." She creates beautiful connected pieces through her deep love of nature and family. She is a magic person, and I’m so honored that she created an object of comfort I can touch daily to remind myself that love is a healing force in the world. ~ JLC

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Erica Chan Photography - Product Photos for My Hand In Yours charitable gift ideas for friends and family

Erica Chan | Visual Artist + Photographer

As an amateur photographer, I have always believed in the power of photographs. I am so pleased that Erica has joined our team and brought her beautiful images of comfort and connection to the MY HAND IN YOURS™ collection. ~ JLC

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