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Due to high demand for the signed Laurie Strode Photo Print, and the fact that Jamie is personally autographing each one, please allow some additional time for us to prepare and ship your order.

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Charlie Ryan | Fashion Designer
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Charlie Ryan | Fashion Designer

Growing up, school was a challenge for Charlie due to his dyslexia. For many years he found confidence on the lacrosse field playing the sport he loved. However, during his sophomore year of high school, he sustained a leg injury that required two surgeries and sidelined him for eighteen months. This ended Charlie’s dream of playing college lacrosse but the injury became an unlikely gift. With his newfound spare time, Charlie taught himself to design and sew clothing and accessories. This creative outlet reflected his interests in fashion and art and felt like the perfect fit.

Less than a year after learning to sew, Charlie won a contest for emerging high school fashion designers. The prize was a year of professional sewing classes which helped grow his hobby into a new passion. Charlie is now fervently building a career in fashion and design and intends to expand his business, Chuck’s Lab, while pursuing a degree at Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD).

"Although I have returned to the field for lacrosse, my injury gave me a new perspective and has pointed me in the direction of a career I would like to pursue"

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