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Folio Press & Paperie | Print Studio

I was recently sent a beautiful note of thanks from a friend on one of these letterpress cards. The connection of the hands and gratitude displayed conveyed through the image felt like a perfect fit for My Hand In Yours, and something that I wanted to share with you!

I contacted Marlene, the owner of Folio Press And Paperie, and told her about our mission to help support Children's Hospital Los Angeles and she immediately agreed to join us.

I'm extremely grateful to Marlene and the entire team at Folio Press And Paperie for their continuing support and advocacy and I'm honored to add them to our growing list of makers and artists.



About Us

Folio Press & Paperie is a small, family-owned business in Santa Barbara, CA. We are a custom design & print studio, letterpress wholesale line, plus stationery & gift store all living happily under one roof only blocks from the beach. Founded in 2006 by Marlene and Frank Bucy, Folio Press & Paperie has become the premier location for unique gifts for all ages and stationery sure to please casual card buyers and paper goods aficionados alike.

All of Folio Press & Paperie’s in-house designed cards are printed on-site on our Heidelberg Windmill presses from the 1950s and 60s or our 1924 treadle-powered Chandler & Price platen press. We release new cards every year and love keeping the letterpress tradition alive with fresh designs and innovative printing techniques.
Our custom design & print studio focuses on bringing quality letterpress and digital projects to life for local as well as nationwide customers. Everything from simple and elegant business cards to intricate multi-piece wedding suites. We are happy to help you on your custom printing journey.


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