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MHIY Mini Baby Snuggler

I have raised two children from infancy. I am an incredibly tactile person, everything that came in contact with their bodies needed to be soft. One of the first thoughts I had for MY HAND IN YOURS was to find a little snuggle softie that babies would want to hold and keep near them and lay their heads on and then drag around as they grew up.

I met Nathan and Emily Petersen from their company, Saranoni. It is a family owned and operated gorgeous blanket company. They are parents and business owners and have built this beautiful company with the words warmth and connection as their guideposts — Just like MY HAND IN YOURS!

We are offering cream and a pearl grey, MY HAND IN YOURS embroidered little snuggle softie.  I welcome the Petersen family to the MHIY family and I hope that we will be able to offer many items over the years together with the common goal of raising money for Children's Hospital Los Angeles.


As a special thank you for your purchase, you will also receive a keepsake card with an inspirational quote from my mentor, Mark Nepo, as written his best-selling book: “The Book of Awakening”.

When you purchase any MY HAND IN YOURS™ object of comfort, 100% of the sale is donated to Children's Hospital Los Angeles to care for children in need.

Colors: Cream & Pearl Grey
Size: Mini 15" x 20"