Moye Thompson

Offering Bowl + Letters

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We are pleased to offer this limited-edition handmade ceramic offering bowl designed exclusively for My Hand In Yours by Moye Thompson Ceramics.

I have always been drawn to bowls — there's something so open and welcoming and inviting about them.

When I asked @moyeceramics to create Objects of Comfort for My Hand In Yours, I knew she would make exquisitely beautiful pieces. The orbs took my breath away when I first saw them, and they’re so pleasant to hold in your hands.

These new offering bowls, with the letters spelling out the intention of the entire project, are perfect and equally special + unique. I’m so grateful to her for her artistry and generosity of spirit and substance.


As a special thank you for your purchase, you will also receive a keepsake card with an inspirational quote from my mentor, Mark Nepo, from his best selling book: “The Book of Awakening”.

*Please remember that this product is handmade and very limited in quantity.

When you purchase any MY HAND IN YOURS™ object of comfort, 100% of the sale is donated to Children's Hospital Los Angeles to care for children in need.

Approximate Size and Weight
• Dimensions: 2.25" x 6.5"
• Weight: 370g