Super Soft Sherpa Blanket by MHIY+Atticus

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• Size: 50" x 60"

• Color(s): Eggshell White

• Material: Polyester micro-mink front with sherpa backing

A limited Edition Plush blanket Embroidered with our Very own Atticus Poem

As you already know my friend and creative partner ATTICUS has generously written a beautiful poem for our company, MY HAND IN YOURS, which many of you have ordered through the website.

This holiday season, we have a limited edition of an incredible white, ultra soft, plush blanket, with the entire poem, embroidered onto it.

This makes a spectacular holiday gift and one that has lasting value as well as warmth.

Thank you ATTICUS for your support and advocacy!

I also want to remind you that every single sale, and every single sent is donated directly to Children's Hospital Los Angeles for the care and treatment of critically ill and injured children. Come join the MY HAND IN YOURS family!!

— Jamie

Jamie Lee Curtis signature used to promote the ... for My Hand In Yours and its premium charity gifts supporting Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

• Material:  Polyester micro-mink front with sherpa backing.
• Color: Eggshell White.
• Size: 50" x 60". Machine washable and super soft.
• Includes zipper pocket for custom stuffing.

To show our gratitude for your support, as a special "Thank You" with your purchase you will also receive a framable keepsake card with a note from Jamie and an inspirational quote written by her friend and mentor, Mark Nepo, in his best-selling book: “The Book of Awakening”.

100% of the money generated from the sale of this product is donated to support CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL LOS ANGELES and the incredible work they do.*

*Donations are limited to a maximum of 100% of the product retail price and do not include shipping and handling fees, taxes, or other charges associated with your purchase.